Firewood For Sale

We have the following high quality firewood products for sale. Please note
that all our prices include free delivery, making us one of the very best value
suppliers of wood in the Brighton and Hove area.


  • ASH: £145 per bulk bag
  • OAK: £145 per bulk bag
  • KILN DRIED ASH: £169.50 per bulk bag (subject to availability)
  • KILN DRIED OAK: £169.50 per bulk bag (subject to availability)

Hardwood logs

Best quality

Ideal for open fires, these are seasoned for over one year and delivered in a bulk bag. This excellent long-burning firewood is ideal for those with open fire places, and is suitable for log burners too. A typical bag will contain – 80% solid Birch and Ash with 20% other mixed hardwoods (ash, cherry, hawthorn etc).

  • £130 for 1 X Bulk Bag (out of stock)
  • £127.50 per bulk bag (if ordering 2 or more bags)
  • KILN DRIED HARDWOOD: £157.50 per bulk bag

Standard logs

Ideal for log burners

These are seasoned one year or more and delivered in a bulk bag. This bag is ideal for those with log burners and stoves. A typical bag will contain around 50% mixed hardwoods (birch, beech, oak etc) and 50% other quality woods (which may spit a little and hence are better for wood burners – larch, sweet-chestnut, cedar etc).

  • £110 per bulk bag
  • £225 per 2 bags

Quality Hardwood net bags

Best quality seasoned woods supplied in good sized net bags; including woods such as oak, birch, and cedar. Packed in a strong net bag, these are handy if you have difficult access or may not need as much as a bulk bag. The wood is cut smaller, making it suitable for both wood burners and open fires. Try these before you buy inferior ‘at the garage’ net bags!
  • Hardwood Nets: £9.25 per net
  • Kiln Dried Hardwood Nets: £9.25 per net
  • ASH NETS: £9.75 per net (out of stock)
  • OAK NETS: £9.75 per net (out of stock)

A minimum order of 10 net bags applies for free delivery


Please give us call in the office to confirm our current prices.

All of our Firewood is READY TO BURN As per latest government legislation


Good size bag of mixed kindling £6 per net bag. Subject to availability

Our wood is delivered in a large half-ton bulk bags, split and cut to an average length of 10-12 inches (25-30cm). We can cut smaller or bigger to order – but please ask.

Owing to our location and access restrictions we are unable to offer collections.


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